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Areas and Costs

MASSACHUSETTS - $325.00  View Listing Agreement Package

NEW HAMPSHIRE -  $350.00   View Listing Agreement Package


Why are prices different in each location?


Each MLS is different, therefore, the cost of doing business is different. Listing prices are subject to change at anytime. We provide amazing customer service that cannot be matched.  This is where our value is.  We are obessive about providing amazing customer service.  If you are looking for a company to list your property and forget about you, then our service is not for you. We have a lot of market knowledge and we love helping.  We pride ourselves on providing top notch service.  Our reputation is extemely important to us. 


Areas and Costs

We have the best prices complimented by the best service around. We cannot be beat. When you list with our flat fee MLS program we do everything we can to get you the exposure you need.

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