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Do you need photos for your listing? 

MLS requires one exterior photo on all listings.  Thirty photos is the max. We do not recommend having 30 photos on your listing because it gives a consumer a reason to not visit your home. We also don't recommend taking photos of rooms that don't shoot well. A simple example would be a small bathroom with a tiolet and sink. If a room doesn't capture the right element it's not worth taking.  All photos should be taken in portrait mode (wide). Portrait mode looks best. You do not need to use high resolution. If your file sizes are too big, MLS will degrade the quality of your photos and they will look pixelated. MLS can work with any dimension. Just make sure the file sizes are not bloated. 

The proper flow is: One exterior shot, kitchen, living areas, bedrooms, bathrooms, backyard and backside exterior shots. For sale signs in a photo is against the rules of MLS. Addresses, phone numbers, web addresses and watermarks are also not allowed. All photos should be realistic and not photoshopped.

If you want a professional photographer, we will refer you out. This can be expensive. A semi-reputable photographer will change $300+2000 SF home needing 10-15 interior and exterior shots. Again, prices vary and so does quality. The bigger the house, the more it cost. 

We charge less but we don't offer it to everyone. 

Depending on where you are located and our availability we will come out to your home to shoot your photos. We take a bunch, then we decide which ones are the best for your listing. We don't send you the photos we take. Again, we decide the ones that will be published to your listing. If your home isnt photogenic we will do our best. We know what works. 

Our fee is $165.00 and you get a free sign. (savings of $30) Now, if you decided that after we take the photos and activate your listing that you want us to show the property to unrepresentated consumers for the commission amount you are already offering buyer agents, we will cut you a check at the closing for your the $165.00 you paid for photography if a deal comes together.  We are a very fair company and we know how to get the job done. 




If you are a local senior citizen who isn't good with technology and doesn't have family or friends to help you out, we will take your photos free. The only catch is that you are in the same area as us. We cannot help you if more than 20 minutes away.  




 We hate to brag but are homes sell quicker than any other brokerage.

We are respected and proud that we can help people and still grow.

We are honest and dedicated. There are so many ways we can help. You just have to ask. 

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