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Other Products & Services

Customizable Sign Starter Kit - $40 (popular)

We understand that perception matters when marketing real estate, we are now offering our "limited service" sellers a opportuntity to use use the Hillman brand on signage.  Our new signs are made right here in New England and our supplier uses the highest quality matterials, inks and latest printing techniques and technology.  They are 24"x18" double sided and come with a galvenized steel lawn stake.. To ensure your sign maintains a professional look, we are now including a 3" numerical stencil set and jumbo blue permenant marker with each sign purchase.   

Customizable Sign - No Stencils or Blue Marker - $30

You need a sign but are not interested in the 3" numerical stencil set or permenant jumbo blue marker.  

Add listing to a second category.  

This is for sellers who have either a detached condo or an attached single family home. We create a 2nd listing (2 MLS #'s) so your property shows up under the Condo & Single Family Categories. This add-on allows you to hit a larger demographic. Price: $175.00


Rental Listing

We can list your property under the MLS Rental Category.  It works the same as our flat fee for sale listings.  When doing a rental listing be careful about your 'requirements.' More specifically, it might be more difficult to find a tenant if you require the tenant to pay first month, last month, security deposit at the time of lease signing.  Price $225.00. Please educate yourself on the Federal Fair Housing Laws. You should know what you can and cannot say to prospective tenants. 

 SIgns - Price:  $30.00

All for sale signs come with a lawn stake and are of high quality.  Signs can be customized with your phone number and MLS number. All signs are $30, shipping is included. Per the rules of MLS you may not use any sign that says: FSBO, FOR SALE BY OWNER, BY OWNER or any sign that will confuse consumers. Once your home is listed on MLS, it is no longer considered selling "by owner."  Also, as stated in MLSPIN SECTION 4.0 “FOR SALE” SIGNS: Only the “For Sale” signs of the Listing Broker may be placed on a Listed Property.  Learn more about using signage.


Reverse Prospecting: Campaign #1 - Price $50.00

Reverse Prospecting Campaigns Campaign #1 MLS to all Agents who are working with active buyers. This is called Reverse Prospecting in the real estate world. These are actual consumers (buying) who have told their agent to set them up on the MLS system with a specific criteria. Each day these people receive new matches. If your home fits the criteria and the agent is accepting 'reverse prospecting' emails, then they will receive this email. To break it down further, we are essentially, contacting the Agents who have qualified customers, rather than waiting for them to contact you. If purchasing this service, you, the seller, must provide us with an email to send out to these agents. Since we are sending this message through the MLS system, we will not be able to provide you with email addresses. The number of prospects changes daily. When creating your email you should be concise and it's best to not make yourself look desperate. If your email is long-winded, it will not be read. We receive reverse prospecting emails all the time and the only ones we will read are the short ones. Agents get a ton of email, so help them out by keeping it short and to the point. Price $50


Reverse Prospecting: Campaign #2 - Price $100

This Campaign does all everything in Campaign #1. We will also compile a list of all the mailing addresses of the Agents who have buyers so you can send out information via postal mail. 

Price: $100.00

*We will send out 2 emails to all agents who accept reverse prospecting emails during this campaign. Best times to do this email is at the time of a price change. Hillman Real Estate does not sent out postal mail nor do we guarantee more calls, showings and or interest in your property.


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