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All for a flat fee that comes with a Money Back Guarantee.

Offer To Purchase Review: $225

This service is good for up to two (2) offers. If the first deal falls apart (many do), we will review your next offer as well. 

Once we review the offer, we will tell you what we think and recommend counter-offer changes if need be. We will review the offer and point out things you need to consider and how things should be addressed. We will never say... yes, this offer looks great sign it. 

All offers are different and our review does not guarantee your deal will come together. Although, sellers tend to care most about price, there is so much more to an offer than price.  We look to put you in the best position because no deal is truly secure until the actual closing.  This service is not legal representation. 

Currently, 75% of our sellers buy this service and we do not promote it. Of those who buy this service, 100% say it is worth it because we always point out something that needs to be considered.



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