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Payment $250.00

Single Apartment Landlords. 

We offer rental listings on MLS.  If you have a single rental please print our rental form located here.

Building Landlords

If you have a building or several units we require a spreadsheet so we can work efficiently. Time is everything and we want to be able to get your units up fast. There's a lot of work that goes into organizing before they are activated. If you are a landlord with several units, please contact before purchasing to discuss the specifics so we can figure out how long it will take to create the listings before we can decide if we can help you. 

Our Network

Once we start working together you are now part of our extensive investor network of Boston's most prominent landlords. We don't like them all, but they respect us because we introduce them to awesome buildings and get deals done.   We know who's buying and who is considering a sale. If you say, Andrew, I want to sell, we would get the files in order, show the rent roll and lease end dates and send it over to a few of Boston's biggest residential landlords. We deal with the decision makers. They do deals fast because they often pay with mostly cash and refinance later. They know the markets and pretty much run the city. Over the last several years I have put together some amazing deals under Hillman Real Estate. We do everything so nobody knows a new-owner is talking over.

Price per listing: $250. If you need to purchase several you may denote the number and it will calculate your total.  Our credit card merchant is 100% secure. 

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